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About Mosier

The town of Mosier is a small community on the south bank of the Columbia River an hour east of Portland Oregon. It is one of the oldest communities on the west coast settled during the wagon train era in 1854. Incorporated into a township in 1914, it remains a small, tightly knit community of 430 people, many of whom have their roots in the fruit orchard industry for over three generations.

Mosier is connected by the pedestrian and bicycles only historic Highway 30 to the world famous windsurfing town of Hood River, 7 miles to the West. The Historic Columbia River Highway winds along the Columbia basalt cliffs to outstanding gorge views. In the spring, acres of breathtaking wildflowers blanket the hills. Hiking, biking, and bird watching are favorite recreational activities.

Major industries
Pear and cherry orchards, timber and recreation, including biking, hiking, fishing and windsurfing.

Mosier is a pioneer settlement on the Columbia River. J.H. Mosier started the community about 1853-54 by settling on a claim near the mouth of Mosier Creek. Mr. and Mrs. Mosier ran an impromptu stage station, a stopping place for travelers.


The Mosier Twin Tunnels State Park
A pedestrian and bicycle route through two historic tunnels along the Columbia River Scenic Highway just west of town. This five-mile route connects Mosier with the City of Hood River. Trailheads are located at both ends of the park and may be reached by following Old Highway 30 from either community.

The Oregon Cascades Birding Trail
can be accessed from Mosier. The Cascades Trail covers over 1,000 miles and nearly 200 key birding sites in Oregon's spectacular Cascade Mountains.

The Mosier Waterfront Park (in development)
The park will feature a Windsurfing Launch, Trails, and swimming beaches on the Columbia River.

With a commitment to both long and short term community planning, Mosier is a beautiful place to both live and work.