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Based on US Department of Energy data, Mosier Creek Homes is projected to save 4,300 tons of C02 green-house gases over the minimum 30 year life of the solar equipment. Residents of this community will be making a choice to minimize their impact on global warming.

Buying Solar Power from Mosier Creek Solar LLC
A fact sheet for prospective Mosier Creek buyers

It's a unique experience to buy clean, renewable power produced on your own home. Mosier Creek has now made this economical for all the buyers of the Mosier Creek development. These questions and answers will help you explore what this means for you!

Q. How does buying power produced on my own roof work?
A. Mosier Creek Solar LLC is the titled owner of the photovoltaic and solar water heating systems on your home's roof. These systems produce electrical and water heating energy. Because Mosier Creek Solar owns the systems, this enables you as homeowner to share in the incentives and financial benefits typically only available to commercial businesses, but not to individual homeowners in Oregon. Because of this commercial ownership arrangement, over 5 years Mosier Creek Solar is able to save approximately $22,000 on the initial $29,000 cost of the system that produces the clean solar energy you use.

Q. How much energy will these systems produce?
A. The solar electric system will provide approximately 3,300 kilowatt hours of energy per year, worth approximately $215 at PacifiCorp's standard rate of 6.5 cents per kilowatt-hour. The solar water heating system is estimated to provide approximately 2,000 kilowatt-hours per year in energy required to heat water, or about $130 savings. [NOTE: Solar water heater savings go up the more hot water you use: every family is different. You will have to compare these estimates of power production with your usage of energy to determine what percentage of your annual energy consumption the solar systems will supply.] In addition, Mosier Creek Town Homes have been built to the LEED standard with high efficiency in mind, giving you every opportunity to use the least amount of energy possible! (32% less than the national 1993 Model Energy Code Standard).

Q. Do I pay you for the energy produced? When? How?
A. Yes. At the end of each year, a special utility-grade meter on the solar photovoltaic system in your home is read by a meter reader. The amount of energy produced by the solar electric unit for the year is billed to you in one annual bill. The cost of Mosier Creek solar energy, is provided at a rate that is 15% less than the cost from the grid (PacifiCorp's rate). You'll receive your solar bill in February of the year following the energy usage. So not only do you save money with Mosier Creek solar energy, but it's all clean, renewable energy.

And, as a bonus, the approximately 2,500 kilowatt hours of energy provided by the solar water heating system is free and provided to you at no additional cost.

Q. Will I ever be able to own the solar systems on my roof?
A. Yes, future acquisition of the system is an option available to you upon purchase of your home. At the end of 5 years (2012), Mosier Creek LLC will make the solar systems available for purchase by the owner of the home at the time. The price will be low enough to motivate residents to purchase and amortize the aquisition of the solar system through energy savings.

Q. What if I don't like the price being charged for energy by Mosier Creek Solar or decide not to buy the solar system at the end of 5 years?
A. If you choose not to buy the system or the solar electricity produced by Mosier Creek Solar, then you will continue to buy all your home's electricity at the 15% higher PacifiCorp rate currently being paid by non solar homes in Mosier. In this scenario, Mosier Creek Solar will sell its electricity produced to PacifiCorp LLC.

Q. Can I buy the solar electric and thermal system at the outset as part of my home, and therefore own it from day one?
A. Yes. If you choose to buy the solar systems, the additional cost for a year 2006 purchase will be $29,000. You would not be eligible for even half as many credits or incentives as a commercial enterprise but would receive approximately 50% of your energy for free.

Q. What is the warranty on the electric panels? Who pays for maintenance?
A. The panels are warranted by the manufacturer for 20 years. Their trouble free life cycle is estimated to be 30 years. During the 5 year period Mosier Creek Solar owns and operates the system it will cover all maintenance through a contract with Common Energy (installer). After 5 years the system will come with an annual maintenance policy to the home owner from Common Energy for about $60/year in today's dollars.