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Mosier Creek Home Owner Association Dues
("HOA Dues" based on 6/1/07 operating data)

Home Owner Association (HOA) and Dues:
All residences belong to the Mosier Creek HOA, which pays for all aspects of maintenance of the common areas. Common areas are limited to the main access road, carports, swimming pool and gym, most areas of landscaping and the exterior treatment and sealing of the cedar siding and roofs. Dues as of June, 2009 are approximately $307 / month for a town home and $164 / month for a flat. But this may change based on home owner input. The HOA will be responsible for updating and enforcing the Mosier Creek Living Guidelines (rules and regulations to promote the peaceful enjoyment of the property).

Other Expenses based on a 1,600 sq. ft. Town Home

Estimated meters and taxes   Cost
*Electricity   $65 - $85 /month
 Water and Sewer   $95 /month
*RE Tax   $2,900 /year
*Costs for Flats assumed to be 35% to 45% less