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About the Developer: Urban Fund - Peter Erickson

Mosier Creek, LLC is the development entity for Mosier Creek Homes. The Managing Member and developer for the LLC is the Urban Fund. Managing principal, Peter Erickson brings 30 years of experience in architecture, general contracting, project management, historic renovation and development financing to each Urban Fund enterprise. He founded the Urban Fund in 1973 three years after graduating from the University of Washington. Following several years acting as general contractor for the company's development projects, Erickson entered the University of Washington's Masters Program in Architecture to improve his architectural and construction management skills. With Urban Fund's growth, the company now contracts with highly qualified architectural, construction, and brokerage firms allowing the company's focus to be on the formation of sustainable and profitable niche-market developments.

Investment Entity: MJD Investments,LLC

The investors of Mosier Creek, LLC are the Urban Fund (above) and MJD Investments, LLC. MJD is a family company based in Denver, Colorado which has made a commitment to invest in carefully researched projects with proven management that demonstrate profitability and the potential to generate significant positive effects on the environment and society.

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